From the eyes of a first responder

This column has been on my mind for months. An opportunity for those who serve you — the first responders of Pickens County, to get information out that hopefully will make you aware, answer questions and ultimately keep you safe.

It isn’t meant to be a debate column or even an opinion column. My goal is for facts to be shared and valuable information passed along. Maybe an occasional personal interest story.

Something that has become increasingly evident to me is that the general public does not truly know or understand how emergency response works in Pickens County. Did you know that all fire departments are not the same? All ambulances you see on the road do not provide the same services or even answer 911 calls? What about the rescue squad I see — where do they fit in? How is all of this funded? Who staffs what, and how is my emergency handled?

There will be some who already know the answer (or believe they do), thus

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