Getting to know Charles Lee Majors Jr.

Charles Majors was born Feb. 23, 1956, in Washington, D.C. He lived there for three years before moving to Upper Marlboro, Md. He attended Frederick Sasscer Junior and Senior High School in Maryland. He was on the track team. He graduated in 1971.

He attended Crossland Vocational School, located in Clinton, Md., for three years, where he studied plumbing and electrical wiring. After he left Crossland, he worked at Charlie’s Home Improvement doing home repairs. He worked there for a few years before he and his wife started their own business. They cleaned offices, homes and new constructions. They did that for four years.

Charles met his wife, Amy Lynn Yorko, in Laurel, Md. She worked in a department store, and he would go in quite often to shop around just so he could talk with her. He said they knew each other for quite a while before they started dating, and they only dated for six months before marrying in 1990. They have been married for 26 years.

He is very proud of his stepson, Chris, and stepdaughter, Kim. He also has one step-grandson. Chris moved to Pickens a few years ago. A short time later, Kim moved to Pickens, too.

11-30 Page 3A.inddCharles and his wife missed them so much. They wanted to be near them, so they moved to Pickens in 2009. He said it was one of the best things he has ever done. Pickens is their home now, and they love it here. He likes the neighborhood where they live. He said the people in this area are so nice, friendly and helpful.

Carol Baker/Courier
Charles Lee Majors said moving to Pickens with his wife in 2009 was one of the best things he has ever done.

Charles enjoys fishing. He likes to ride up to Table Rock and fish in the lake. Sometimes he goes to Six Mile to fish in a lake there.

His wife does genealogy research. She does it for her friends and does not charge them for the information she finds on the internet.

Charles and Amy Lynn thoroughly enjoy camping out in the mountains. One of their favorite places to go on vacation is Ocean City, Md.

Charles is unable to work. He has back problems and is scheduled to have surgery on his shoulder soon.

Charles goes to the Pickens Flea Market every Wednesday. Sometimes he brings a few items and sets up a booth. He said that even if he doesn’t sell anything, he enjoys talking with the people he meets there.

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