Gettys visits with friends at Joe’s

Roddey Gettys, COO of Baptist Easley Hospital, met with dozens of friends recently at The Easley Ice Cream Parlor for a lunch as he prepares to retire from his full-time position. Gettys, who has promised to stay until the hospital board can find a suitable replacement for him, said that once he retires, he hopes to visit other small towns across the southeast to find restaurants like the Ice Cream Parlor, commonly known as “Joe’s” to longtime Easley residents. “Every town has that special place where everybody eats, and goes to see the folks from around the town,” Gettys said. “I want to experience as many places like this as I can.” Pictured above is Gettys with longtime friends Mike Johnson, Jim Garrison and Dennis Bauknight. Ben Robinson/Courier