Got to get my act together

All About Ben

By Ben Robinson

Lately I’ve been concentrating on getting my act together. I have the opportunity to make a special trip to Kentucky.

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

I’ve already asked for the time off, and was simply told not to leave the paper in bad shape. That makes sense. The trip to Kentucky is on a Christian mission trip, and the way I figure it, if you take off and leave with no thought toward your coworkers, you’re not really showing any Christian spirit.

I also have my car taxes due this month. The county thinks a lot more of my car than I do. If I ever decide to sell the car, I need to let the county folks market it for me. But taxes do not work that way, so I need to just be quiet and pay my share.

So with the taxes and the county taxes coming up, I’ve got quite a handful to save up for. But looking at my income coming in and comparing it to the bills I will have to pay, I should have plenty, if I have any sense whatsoever.

But that is where my problem lies. I’m not sure how, but somehow every week’s paycheck disappears with no real evidence of it buying anything. Apparently I’m just not smart enough to budget my money.

I just need to be smart with my money for the next several weeks. For me, that’s a challenge.

Being smart with anything seems to be above my head. I stopped counting money in my wallet and just held faith that there would be some left when the week ended. I don’t know how I spent so much so fast. It’s not like I have expensive tastes.

So I’ve been living conservatively for the past week. Amazingly there is still money in my wallet. So the problem was not with the money I had, nor the bills I owed. The problem was the dumb guy I am. Not really sure how to fix that one.