Grace United Methodist Church plans mission trip to Bahamas

PICKENS — A mission team from Grace United Methodist Church in Pickens will be serving in Eleuthera, Bahamas, again this summer.

This will be the fourth year helping to build a Methodist church in the settlement of Deep Creek on the south end of the island, although this is the 17th year Grace has been involved in mission trips there.

“The people of Eleuthera are like family,” said Christy Lowe who helps to organize the mission project. “We spend much of our time developing relationships built on Christian love, to help unite the community around the church.

“Our big focus is on construction, where we work with the Bahamians to shovel dirt, mix concrete by hand, lay block, build a roof, install windows or whatever it takes, including raising money in Pickens to pay for materials to help them build their church.”


Left: Ken Lowe installed large, solid walnut entry doors donated to the Deep Creek community of Eleuthera, Bahamas, for its new Methodist church; Middle: Mission teams from Grace United Methodist Church in Pickens have helped local people build this church; Right: A Grace United Methodist Church mission team member hands out a pair of new shoes, one of more than 100 pairs donated and delivered to needy people in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

 Grace’s vacation Bible school for the children of Eleuthera will focus on John 10:9, where Jesus said, “I am the door. If anyone enters by me, he will come in and go out and find pasture.”

Lowe said her husband, Ken, and a friend, Harold Dodson of Dodson Woodworking in Pickens, donated six days of labor each to build a large double-arched door and frame for the Deep Creek Methodist Church sanctuary. The door was shipped a couple of months ago, and Ken installed it. The solid walnut door is 6 feet wide and 9.5 feet tall.

“That beautiful, lovingly crafted, donated door will serve as an example of God’s love and perhaps encourage children to make a decision for Christ this summer,” Lowe said.

Lowe said the church also has a shoe ministry, “going into the settlements to give away athletic shoes and flip-flops.”

“Everyone is excited to get a new pair of shoes,” she said. “Each year when we return, we see many people wearing the shoes given to them the year before. In fact, some of the children received their first pair of shoes from these Grace church donations. More than 100 pairs were given away last year, and we are taking even more this summer for the needy people of Eleuthera.”

DRESSESThe women of Grace Church have also made “pillowcase dresses” for the young girls in Eleuthera, using colorful pillowcases and ribbons.

“Much skill and creativity went into these dresses, which we know will be thankfully received,” Lowe said.

PHOTO: Grace United Methodist Church have made pillowcase dresses for young girls in Eleuthera, Bahamas.

“As we go out into the community giving away shoes and dresses, we will also have Bibles and Christian tracts,” she added. “Mission team members will look for opportunities to talk with any Bahamians who may want to accept Christ in their lives. Many lives have been touched and changed, both in Deep Creek and in South Carolina.

“It is such a blessing to be a part of a loving and caring ministry. There is a great need for hope in Eleuthera just as there is here at home.”