Great home improvement projects

(StatePoint) For many Americans the warmer weather of spring means it’s time to focus on all those home improvement projects that would be inconvenient during winter.
Adding an extension, sanding wooden floors or replacing a roof are a lot easier when you’re not worried about the weather and diminished day light. Also, contractors are less likely to have weather-related delays that blow timelines, making spring renovations run more smoothly.
Here are some home improvement projects you may want to start this season:
• Replace the Roof: If your roof is starting to leak or you notice dramatic increases in heating or cooling bills, it may be time to replace it. The best time to do so is when the weather is warm and dry. Keep in mind the U.S. Department of Energy recommends light roofing colors, which will keep down cooling costs and help reduce global warming. For more energy-saving home improvement tips, visit
• Check the Perimeter: Inspect your home’s exterior, making sure to check your siding. Mold and cracks can be a sign you need to re-paint or replace boards. Also, now may be a good time to repave your driveway. Asphalt needs the right factors of temperature and moisture to set properly. Better weather leads to better driveways.
• Add a Fireplace: Fireplaces are great focal points to any home, and now homeowners can double their impact by adding see-through fireplaces that can be installed between rooms or even to warm a patio. Versatile fireplaces, like the Montebello See-Through by Lennox Hearth Products, can be installed between a kitchen and dining room or between a living room and patio, creating a dramatic effect. You can learn more at
“An indoor/outdoor installment is a great way to enjoy your fireplace year-round,” says Bill Wetzel, product manager of Fireplace Systems for Lennox. “After all, who wants to spend money on home improvements you can only use half the year?”
• Tinker with Plumbing: Because bathroom and kitchen renovations often require plumbing changes, the warmer months are the best for these projects. Now’s the ideal time to expand that half-bathroom with a shower stall, or to upgrade your master bathroom with a whirlpool tub. And there are many choices of eco-friendly fixtures from such brands as Delta, Kohler, American Standard and others.
• Install Skylights: With longer days and clear, starry nights, it’s the season for gazing at the sky. But allergens can make sky gazing difficult for some. Consider installing skylights in your home this season.
• Sand the Floor: Most people think of floor maintenance as a cool weather activity, but floor sanding kicks up incredible amounts of dust. In warmer weather, you can throw open doors and windows and set up fans to suck the dust outward.
The better weather makes almost all home improvement projects more enjoyable. So take advantage of the season to upgrade your home!