Handbags no longer allowed in courthouse

COUNTY — Those entering the Pickens County Courthouse will no longer be allowed to bring bags of any kind, including handbags and backpacks, according to Pickens County Clerk of Court Pat Welborn.
Welborn told the Courier Monday that five signs have been placed around the courthouse informing those who have business at the facility that the new policy is in effect.
“We have placed these signs in locations that we feel anyone that has business in the courthouse will see after they park,” Welborn said.
Welborn said that during routine inspection court security guards have found knives, scissors, guns, pepper spray and other weapons.
“We are just doing this to ensure safety at the courthouse,” he said. “As of April 30, no bags of any kind will be allowed through the door.”
The decision to not allow bags was made by the Pickens County Security Committee.