Handling my health

6-25 Page 4A.inddI have made up my mind. Many of you know that I’ve had problems with a wound on my right leg. The doctors had treated the wound and said it was cured. It only had to heal up on the surface. That was about a year ago.

Recently, my leg started hurting and breaking out in red spots. I went to the doctor, who gave me some antibiotics and said the wound should have completely healed by now. Somehow an infection had gotten into the wound, causing my pain now. So in addition to giving me antibiotics, he began working on finally getting the wound healed, to avoid other problems.

The first week he wrapped my leg in bandages completely, and said not to get the bandages wet. That meant no showers that week. The next week, after suffering through a week without a shower, I decided that I would tell the medical staff to not put that wrap on my leg again.

But they kept talking about how much the wound had improved over the week, so I was embarrassed to say they should not repeat that treatment.

“That works, so don’t do that again,” sounds pretty stupid even when I put the word together in my mind.

So they put another wrap on my leg. They are supposed to change the dressing tomorrow morning, so that means I will be able to remove the dressing long enough to get a shower. Then they will reevaluate my leg Friday, so let’s hope things go well.

What I made my mind up on was that I was not going to let this injury affect my work. Last week, I wore shorts the day I worked and said I could not go to any meeting. That pretty well eliminates my job. The key this week is wearing long pants over my wound and going on from there.

Hopefully I will be healthy completely in another week. But until then, I need to find a way to work despite an annoying injury. Folks who are actually sick find the courage to keep going. I don’t need to let this minor injury control me at all.