Helping horses and people goal of Mounted Ministries

PICKENS — Mounted Ministries, located in Pickens, is a faith-based equestrian ministry. It is not your average place to take riding lessons or visit for summer horse camp.

Mounted Ministries (MM) founder and CEO Cathy Childers is glad to explain how MM is different from other riding facilities.

“Well, it’s a place for anyone interested in knowing more about riding or owning a horse, but more importantly, an opportunity to share the love of God with anyone who’ll listen about how our relationship with horses so closely mirrors that of our relationship with our Heavenly Father,” she said. “I’ve seen Him help others while helping the horses.”

In addition to hosting riding lessons and summer horse camps, Mounted Ministries rescues neglected or mistreated horses.

“I get asked a lot where we get the horses for our ministry, and when I begin sharing each horse’s individual story, connecting the dots, if you will, to our sinful condition before grace, the person’s eyes get watery, as their eyes are opened and they get it,” Childers said.

“A rescue horse is no different than a lost person,” she said. “Some of our horses come from very poor means. I mean almost death.”
Childers cites the examples of a pair of rescue horses, “Harley” and “Jiminy Cricket,” as some of her proudest cases.

“Just as Harley and Cricket didn’t have to do anything for us to love them, God says we don’t have to do anything either to earn His love but to accept what His Son has done for us,” she said. “Our love has restored Harley and Cricket and given them a hope and a future… unconditionally.”

Those interested can go to YouTube and search for “Hope for Harley” to view the horse’s transformation at Mounted Ministries.

Childers said Harley is now a favorite horse for riding lessons and at summer horse camp, where children compete for the “Mr. Ed Award” and the horse has learned how to serve others by picking up a handkerchief.

“Helping to save the lives of neglected horses in our community has its rewards, but the people that get involved are the best reward,” Childers said. “They are what we call discipleship training through loving, equine relationships. Here, helping horses also helps to heal hurting people.”
The rescue horse program, “The Redeemed,” is just one of the outreaches offered at Mounted Ministries. The organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

“Just as ‘One’ paid the price for all humanity, one simply can’t pay the price for all our rescues,” Childers aid.

One horse costs the ministry about $2,000 a year. To date, the organization has rescued close to a dozen horses. Others may be donated or purchased for a small amount. In all, Mounted Ministries is home to 11 horses and two miniatures.

To learn more about how you can be a part of “The Redeemed,” call 752-5142 or visit or