Hendricks to run for county council

PICKENS — Pickens High School teacher, Yardifacts Ornamental Concrete owner and lifetime community resident Wes Hendricks has filed to run for Pickens County Council District 3.
Hendricks is a graduate of Pickens High School and the University of South Carolina, where he played football for Coach Joe Morrison in the 1980s while earning his bachelor’s degree. He earned his master’s degree in administration and supervision from South Wesleyan University.
WesHendricks is a special education teacher of students with learning disabilities at Pickens High School. In his 22nd year at PHS, he has more than 25 years of teaching experience. During his teaching career, he has coached football and basketball, with his last coaching job at Pickens High School. He took the varsity boys’ basketball team to the playoffs in 2007. He has taught and coached in Anderson and Edgefield counties as well.
“With much prayer, I have decided to run for Pickens County Council District 3,” Hendricks said. “I feel the time is right for me to serve the people of Pickens County in a much larger capacity. My service as a person with the ability to work with others and unite a divided county is much needed at this time. Pickens County is at a crossroads or a make-or-break point. I have invested a lifetime in Pickens County in many ways, including giving back and serving others. My past experiences and being a family man raising my children in Pickens County will serve the people of Pickens County better than anyone else on the ballot in District 3.”
He says the county does not need to be divided with institutions being forced to close as they have been recently in the communities of District 3.
“Misrepresentation with the media being used as a facade to make it look positive needs to be prevented in our county,” he said. “Simply recommending and voting for a recommendation in a staged attempt to look good in public does not get the job done. Working with others as a team and persuading them to follow the will of the people and betterment of Pickens County gets the job done.
“All of our communities and municipalities need to work together to make each other stronger. We need to let people hired to do county jobs perform with the needed resources while holding them accountable in an appropriate manner without micromanaging them. We need a new jail, as I have seen first-hand while helping a learning-disabled student get his diploma as he was housed at the LEC awaiting trial. Business recruiting and job creations are a must.”
Hendricks said he has “the courage to stand for the well-being of Pickens County, the fortitude to back it up and the perseverance to get the job done.
“I am from Pickens County and I am for all of Pickens County. Let’s work together to make Pickens County prosperous and progressive for our future with your vote for me on June 14.”