Hightower honored for years of service at Cold Springs Baptist

PICKENS — Mozelle Barber and Bonita Holland, chairpersons, along with the Cold Spring Baptist Church family of Pickens recently honored Loree Hightower after 44 years for her many wonderful years of dedicated service as the church clerk and her inspiration to many in the Pickens community.
Pickens city councilman J. Fletcher Perry presented her with the Citizenship Award. A special song entitled “It’s Your Time” was dedicated by The Talley Family.
Reflections were given by many friends of Hightower as follows:
Bertha Pitts — She always kept a “shiny” car, very hard worker and is devoted to church.
Geneva Robinson — Loree brought things of importance when death was in my family. She taught me how to do things of importance.
Chrislyn Hallums — During the last 10 years, she is very supportive, beautiful smile, my grandchild often helps her to the car. She shows love to everyone, teaches through her look, smile, such a drawing love.
The Rev. James Hallums — A lady of virtue, she represents Pickens.
Luther Johnson — She always took care of the association. She is a wonderful worker. She have demonstrated how the church secretary has to be accurate.
Melinda Pitts — She was always in attendance wherever the choir was. She would always show up at the church when I was working pretending to be there for another reason but really she was there to be my protector when I was by myself.
Deacon Thomas Gowens — It has been a pleasure and honor to work with Mrs. Loree. She is always precise and to the point. She is always giving good advice.
Rev. Blake — Loree means “crown.” She use her knowledge that God gave to encourage one another.
Louise Willis — She is my friend. She is beautiful inside and out. She encouraged me to be the president of the Women’s Missionary and I have learned some wonderful traits.
Tony Rogers — Beautiful Black Woman.
Councilmen J. Fletcher Perry — Presented the Citizens Award Plaque. She has set the stage for everyone with her knowledge and beautiful smile.
Deacon Barber — I have worked with her for 37 years. The fruit of her tree was to work and build treasures here for preparation for her journey to heaven.
Juanita Patterson (former owner of LeJuan’s) — She has been there to help my two children for marriage, she worked one day a week. She never complains nor gossips. A very honest young lady. She has truly been missed by me and my family.
Frances Holley — She is a excellent member of WMWA and was the Secretary for many years.
Bernice Wakefield — Presented the certificate of Eastern Stars.
Mrs. Garrett (Byrd Garrett) — Read a poem spelling Loree. Mrs. Loree made a statement one time, “If you Got It, Show It”. She is a very caring, kind, faithful and loves the Lord and church very much.
Eloise Russell & April Blythe — Always helps with the Youth with donations and is very supportive.
Clifton Brown — She works diligently with the Food Bank at Griffin Ebenezer Baptist Church. She is a hard worker in church and with the Oolenoy River Baptist Association.