Hunt instrumental in Merck’s success

By Ben Robinson, Courier Staff

COUNTY — Helping the trustees of the School Board of Pickens County name Dr. Danny Merck as the new administrator were some actions made by former



superintendent Dr. Henry Hunt.

Hunt remembered when Dr. Kelly Pew was moved into human resources after Brenda Turner left the district to become the superintendent of Orangeburg District 4. Hunt felt that the district also needed someone on the administrative side of things, though budget cuts had cost the district several district offices. So Hunt led the school board to move Merck to the lead administrative position of the district.

“We thought he needed some experience on the district level,” Hunt said. “He’s just a good person. He was a good fit in that position. Just a natural.”

When Pew was named superintendent, former Daniel High School principal Sharon Huff was moved into Merck’s position. That opened up the position at Daniel High School, which Merck took over.

“He’s got the heart of a high school principal,” Hunt said. “I recommended Dr. Merck for the job at Daniel High School.”

Merck graduated from Liberty High School and later taught at the school before serving stints as assistant principal at Gettys Middle School and Easley High School. He became principal at Easley High School after the retirement of Betty Garrison.

“He did a real good job at Easley High School,” Hunt said.

While the Easley High principal, Merck was appointed to serve on the state Education Oversight Committee.

“That gave him a broad view of education in this state,” Hunt said. “A good view of the problems others in the state are facing.”

Merck’s wide range of experience, coupled with his role as a “hometown boy” should “be good for Pickens County,” Hunt said.

“We are very fortunate to have him,” Hunt said.

Hunt said he would be glad to help Merck in any way possible as he faces the challenges of the position.