In the eye of the beholder

Sometimes on the hill across from us there will be several hawks soaring. It looks like fun.

But sometimes, on the hill across from us there will be a lot of large birds circling. A quick look and I’ll think, “Oh, they must be hawks.”

But a closer look, with the help of binoculars, proves me wrong.

They’re not hawks, but buzzards, or the more sinister name, vultures.

I’ve always thought buzzards look ominous.

This is not their fault. I suppose buzzards are beautiful to other buzzards, just as frogs and alligators find beauty in their companions.

At least I think they do. For all I know alligators eat each other, but at some point in time, they find mates they think are attractive.

But I digress.

After doing a little research online, I learned that we have two kinds of

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