It’s coming, and nobody can stop it

It’s coming, and nobody can stop it. We know it’s out there, just beyond the horizon. But we can already hear the rumble of the approach.

Can we stand another one? It isn’t a tornado, a hurricane, a typhoon, an earthquake or another world war. It’s the 2020 election looming.

There’s nothing wrong with having an election. We have had many in the past, and hopefully more to come, unless we regress and embrace a monarchy. I welcome the debates. They are often interesting, if somewhat predictable, unless we have to suffer a rogue candidate.

We have problems, and we need some thoughtful, practical solutions.

I don’t look forward to a blitz of negative political ads. And the blame game doesn’t take us far above third grade.

It essentially consists of grown-ups saying that it isn’t their fault things went wrong. It’s

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