I’ve been hacked

6-25 Page 4A.inddIt turns out that through my computer’s Facebook somehow I’ve been hacked.

Starting last week, I started getting messages from my friends saying, “I feel this picture is too explicit, please remove it from your Facebook site.” When I first saw such a message, I dismissed it as junk mail. After all, I am still not smart enough to actually download a photo for my own use, much less send it to anyone else.

But I kept getting more and more messages, so I decided to investigate. I tried to find the offending picture, and eventually I found that I somehow had a message on my home page that was labeled “This photo was deemed too graphic for Facebook and was removed from the page.” So the offending message had actually existed, but I never got to see it.

Judging from the people who have sent messages complaining about the offending message, it must have been pretty offensive. A few are from my church friends, who seemed a bit surprised I would even dabble in such literature. One was from my ex-girlfriend, who was shocked that I would send her such a thing. I guess it was good sign that she immediately knew I had been hacked, because I would never do such a thing back when we were dating. We broke up, but apparently she found some form of character in me when we were dating.

And I don’t know how many of my Facebook friends got messages from me and did not respond. Several of my friends from Kentucky Missions are on my Facebook friends list. I can only imagine what their response might be. “I knew Ben wasn’t the perfect Christian, but I never thought he would do something like this! And try to get me involved in smutty trash!”

Well, I actually never got to see the offending photo. It may have been simply been a nude woman or perhaps it was something much worse. Given some of the people who were so offended by the photo, I can only guess that it was pretty bad.

And writing to your Friends saying, “I didn’t know that such a photo would be offensive to you” doesn’t seem too sincere. On the other hand, sincerely writing, “I was too stupid to know what was going on,” while honest, doesn’t sound much better.

So I can just hope I can trust these people with knowing me well enough to know I wouldn’t do such a thing, whether it’s because I am too honest or simply too dumb.

Both descriptions fit me.