Joint worship service planned at Griffin Ebenezer with Pickens Presbyterian

On Sunday, January 15, members from Pickens Presbyterian Church along with their brothers and sisters in Christ at Griffin Ebenezer Baptist Church will be celebrating their first ever joint worship service to celebrate unity.  During these times of national unrest between races, these churches feel as though it is vitally important for Christians to show love for one another and untitled-1unity in Christ. Griffin Ebenezer and Pickens Presbyterian have a strong history of working together to strengthen relationships with each other and building a bridge between the two churches.

As part of this ongoing effort, the two churches will worship together at Griffin Ebenezer with  The Rev. Nath Briley from Pickens Presbyterian preaching, and following worship, all will gather for a shared meal together.  This event promises to be a spirit-filled worship of our Lord, and a time of building community in the name of Christ.