Just turn it off and read

Since the bulk of our TV viewing experience is made up of commercials, I’d like to see some better ones. Some years ago, there was a Maxwell House series of commercials about two neighbors who were headed for a relationship. It was entertaining and made sense.

And the Toyota commercial featuring G.I. Joe, Ken and Barbie and a Japanese puppet master was a good one.

But now? I like the Mayhem man on the insurance commercial. It’s briefly entertaining. Other than that, it’s hard to pick anything that even earns a five on a scale of one to 10.

Now this is just a personal thing, but I don’t like clowns or similar advertising icons. At the top of the unfavorite list is the ping-pong ball advertising for Jack in the Box.

I find ping-pong Jack spooky and eerily disturbing.

One of the few commercials for Jack in the Box I found remotely entertaining was the one with

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