Keeping up is hard to do

The first thing to get straight after waking is to determine what day this is. They have all seemed to run together lately.
Checking the calendar can bring surprises. Oh! It’s not Tuesday, it’s Wednesday.
The hummingbird feeder needs to be filled again, even though it seems as though I just finished doing it.
Overnight, the grass has grown three inches.
Weeds have dared to grow among the flowers.
And the dogs have been somewhere they shouldn’t have been. It appears they have been wallowing in the pond, and once thoroughly wet, have rolled diligently in dirt and sand until the color of their hair can barely be seen.
They smell. A bath is essential. After coffee, breakfast, filling the washer, folding clothes and feeding the Chihuahua and deleting emails, the time has come.
The last time Boomer had a bath ended in the washer becoming as wet as the washee.
Sebastian was an exception, as at his age he’s had many a bath and has grown much more accustomed.
Fortunately, with experience and age and hopefully, wisdom, Boomer has learned

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