Lamb always a favorite at spring holiday dinner table

Versatile and flavorful, lamb is enjoyed across the globe and is especially popular come springtime holidays. Throughout the Middle East and parts of Eastern Europe, lamb has traditionally been enjoyed once the weather warms and the season of fertility renews.

Christians, who refer to Jesus Christ as the “Lamb of God” pay homage to the Easter miracle and often dine on lamb as part of their celebrations. Depending on how they interpret Jewish law, Jews may or may not include lamb at their traditional Passover seder.

Lamb is a tender and tasty meat that can be prepared in various ways. Lamb can be roasted, braised, stewed, broiled, and even grilled.

To prepare lamb well, it is extremely important to follow safety guidelines concerning food cross-contamination. Undercooked and raw meats may contain E. coli bacteria; therefore, lamb should not come in contact with other foods that will be

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