LaPierre announces run for US Congress

PICKENS — Today, Michael LaPierre formally announced his candidacy for South Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. Michael LaPierre made the following statement:

Our nation finds itself in a time of crisis. Our southern border is being invaded, bringing with it cartel, fentanyl, and other dangerous drugs, and our

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national leadership isn’t willing to make the hard decisions necessary to end this crisis.

And we’re facing a second invasion of economic migrants and their employers who are abusing worker visa programs. The results are lower wages and less jobs for Americans and higher housing prices that are putting the American Dream of home ownership out of reach for more and more South Carolina families.

I’m the only candidate who work to implement  the following policies:

  • Mandate the death penalty for drug, human, and sex traffickers at the border.
  • Introduce a formal declaration of war on the Mexican cartels.
  • Establish a militarized “No Entry Zone.” (N.E.Z.)
  • Suspend all asylum applications and direct the applicants to other, friendly nations that have been recipients of US foreign aid for decades.
  • End the H1B and other worker visa programs so employers here are forced to train and hire Americans.
  • Allow employers to prioritize hiring US citizens (which is currently illegal).

While other candidates pretend to be conservatives, I’m the only one who will take a hard line against the threats to our country and our state today. I’ll lead on these issues as a candidate and lead on these issues as a Congressman.

Michael LaPierre is available for interviews and may be reached at (864) 420-3290 or at