Leaves aren’t the only things that fall in fall

When fall finally gets here, I’m more than ready for it. It’s wonderful to go outside and feel the change in the air. Wednesday was just such a beautiful day. October’s bright blue sky, mild temperatures and the sun feeling warm on my back felt like heaven.

Warm, not hot. There’s a difference. We’d been to the flea market and bought some apples, because I wanted to make a fresh apple cake and an apple pie.

There are lots of recipes for fresh apple cake that call for walnuts, but I like the one like Grandmama used to make with pecans.

Also, she liked to mix her apples, as do I. This time we found Granny Smith and Pink Lady for $4 a peck. The apple seller let me mix the varieties and didn’t mind at all. Now that’s service.

We went home and Fowler switched to the farm truck, loaded a long metal pole and took along two half-bushel

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