Leese running for city council

PICKENS — Edgar Leese has announced his candidacy for a seat on Pickens City Council in the November election.

Leese said he believes the job of every city council member is to hold government holistically accountable — both fiscally and morally — while properly representing and advocating for its citizens.

“Everyone I’ve seen has been working hard for their family and lifestyle, and we don’t need more taxes or regulation to lighten the wallets and bank accounts of those who live in the city,” he said. “My idea of fiscal responsibility is to keep spending down and keep taxes at a minimum.”

Although he acknowledges one way to garner a larger tax base is to expand city limits, Leese said the city can “learn from the mistakes of other towns as they grow, so we don’t make the same mistakes as well.”

“Growth is not a bad thing — we just don’t want to over extend ourselves and wind up ‘in the red,’” he said. “Greenville has displaced good people

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