Letter to the Editor

Morals  don’t mean anything

Dear Editor,

Why are people demanding Senator Franken and Congressman Conyers resign for improper sexual behavior, but these same people are not demanding President Trump resign for his past behaviors?

Trump has bragged about sexually assaulting women. Multiple (16) women have come forth and accused him of sexual misbehavior. So why the double standard? Why haven’t we demanded the president undergo an ethics investigation or ask him to step down for these allegations?

Why aren’t Democrats, Republicans — all people — demanding Trump resign?

Why is the moral and Christian outrage missing when it comes to Trump?

Also, Trump and the Republicans are backing the accused child molester Roy Moore, only because they want his GOP (Greedy Ole Perverts) vote for Trump’s BIG tax cuts for corporate America.

Apparently, morals don’t mean anything to the Christian portion of the RNC, or even to Trump when it comes to putting the Republican Party above morals and country.

Glenda Allen


Tony Elliott making a difference

Dear Editor,

As I entered my senior year of high school, I had one scholarship offer for college football. It was from South Carolina State University.

The 2017 Broyles Award winner for the nation’s best college football assistant coach is Clemson’s Tony Elliott, and he is the first African-American coach from South Carolina to win the prestigious award.

As an assistant coach at South Carolina State when I received my offer, Coach Elliott introduced himself, and to his surprise I was already familiar with him.

My brother’s roommate, Brent Smith, was Elliott’s college teammate at Clemson University, and my brother, Richard Elliott, had the same major (industrial engineering) he had.

I was offered the scholarship after he saw me run the 40-yard dash during my high school’s spring football workouts of my junior year. I ran a 4.7, which was faster than the NFL average for defensive ends, which was a 4.88. I didn’t have many football scholarship offers, but I was familiar with the recruiting process.

As a matter of fact, Clemson University was the first college to give me a recruiting questionnaire when I was a freshman in high school at Tommy Bowden’s football camp in 2004. I didn’t hear back from the Clemson football program until spring 2008. My high school coach, Dr. Jerry Brown, told Clemson coach Bowden during a visit to my high school to see high school All-American recruit and current NFL player Andre Ellington that I was coming to Clemson as a walk-on.

I had a bolt from the blue, because I wasn’t going to be accepted to Clemson. Some of my friends were getting calls from Clemson’s minority recruitment office. I had higher standardized test scores, more quality extracurricular activities and I was a university legacy, but my phone never rang with a call from their office. Some of my friends received acceptance letters from Clemson University that same week. My mailbox was empty, and I was prepared for rejection, which ended up happening.

On the other hand, Coach Elliott proved to me how good of a mentor and leader he could be to a student-athlete. He was a good tour guide for S.C. State’s homecoming in 2007 and came to my family reunion in Florence that summer. Coach Elliott brought the Power 5 conference coaching attitude wherever he went, and it is making a positive difference in countless lives.

Jordan Cooper