Letters to the Editor 11-11-20

What happened to Americans?

Dear Editor,

What happened to Americans?

Where and when did we lose our way? What happened to the bit of John Wayne, Audie Murphy and all of the champions of God, country, mom and apple pie that lived in us? Where are the bigger-than-life Americans who braved the wilds of the country in covered wagons in search of a country of freedom, opportunity and discovery, and a new life — yes, a better life, built with their own hands? Often in this new world they dreamed of, they paid with their lives. Still, they packed up and moved out, full of hope and an indomitable spirit.

The values they had, all of their suffering, bloodshed, lives lost and countries defended through our sacrifice of lives and treasure to save others from what the progressives are now trying to visit on our country, most blatantly through the theft of this presidential election!

Tony Mangan