Letters to the Editor 11-2-16

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The Grim Rapper

Dear Editor,

Well, you’ve heard of Ice T and Ice Cube.

Just keep on drinking, smoking and getting high, soon you’ll be hearing from me. I am the Grim Rapper! Ice cold your lifeless body will on a stone slab lie! Little fool you gonna die! Laugh at me today for what I have to say, tomorrow for all eternity pay! I am the Grim Rapper and I’ll be coming for you someday. Once gone, there’s nothing anyone can do for you. You have the power to stop within, but won’t listen to what adults have to say, so go ahead and get high anyway. Hell has plenty of room, seal your doom! Cocaine, liquor, heroin, crack, no coming back, a grim fact!

Too late to say you’re sorry, no time to pray!

Little fool, go ahead and see if I care when for eternity you in agony cry! Done told you you gonna die!

I am the Grim Rapper and even though you know I’m coming for you, still you won’t listen to a thing I have to say. Be seeing you soon. Maybe today?!

Eddie Boggs