Letters to the Editor 12-30-15

Inner Space

Dear Editor,

We know more about what’s out there in space than we do about what lies below our very feet.

For all we know, there may be giant cathedral-size caverns just below our dwelling places.

In Florida not long ago, I read where a man was asleep in bed and his entire bedroom fell into a sink hole some 100 feet across. He was never found.

It’s like we’re living on the front porch of a house and we’ve just looked into the windows and have only gone in that house as far as the living room.

There may be all kinds of beauty just below us we don’t know about — cascading waterfalls, rivers or stalactites and stalagmites hundreds of feet tall.

There could also be unknown civilizations living just below us. Civilizations of advanced beings. You never can tell.

At one time there was a belief that the Earth was hollow. Some thought if you went to the North Pole, you could go into the Earth and find a tropical paradise.

Admiral Byrd flew over the North Pole and proved that false.

Still, I believe we have an unknown world below.

Maybe not tropical, but a dark world devoid of light.

There are fish swimming in the rivers that are there. Trout have been found by cave explorers which are without eyes. The fish, not the explorers.

It would seem by living in a constant dark atmosphere, they adapted by being born with no eyes, just white spaces where eyes would have been. What other beings may live there?

What else is down there? Perhaps Bigfoot? We’re too busy as a race to think about that. We’re too worried about what’s out there beyond the solar system instead.

If you are a young person reading this, think about someday forming a movement to go below and explore. Make sure you know how to properly exsplore first. Don’t want you becoming lost, never to be seen again! There are many mysteries no doubt waiting on you to be solved truly. More than enough territory to explore as well. Enough for generations to come. The adventures of a lifetime await you — just go below. What stories you could tell to the world.

Will you be one of the first to go?

P.S. Let’s not forget the Oceans.

Two-thirds of the Earth is covered in water. What lies beneath there remains to be discovered!

Eddie Boggs