Letters to the Editor

Where would you be without the workers?

Dear Editor,

Of all structures, bridges, towers, buildings, no matter how small or great, there is one part that’s seldom seen or even gets mentioned. Still, it is the most important part of the structure, no matter its size.

I’m talking about the foundation.

If the foundation is strong, so is the structure. However, if it is weak, so is the structure.

We will be celebrating Labor Day soon, where laborers are given a day showing they are appreciated. When it comes to companies, the workers are the foundation that makes or breaks a business. It is they who have given their time and effort. Their blood, sweat and tears are one of the things that have paved the way for our nation to be made a better world for all. Don’t forget where your wealth came from. If not for the workers, where would you be? Happy Labor Day to all.

Eddie Boggs


Findley family member stands against Glassy development

Dear Editor,

My name is William E. Findley Jr., and I am writing with respect to the proposed Summit at Glassy Mountain development.

At the request of several of my friends in Pickens County, I have been asked if I am a partner or participant in this project to destroy Glassy Mountain as

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