Letters to the Editor

There are angels all around us

Dear Editor,

On Monday, Oct. 8, my husband and I were on our way from Pickens to Easley. We were on Highway 8 just past the Landmark Church sign when my car spluttered and quit. Out of gas! We were in the right lane, but not completely off the highway.

That’s when God sent us an angel — a young man around 30 years old. He helped us get our car completely off the road. We thanked him and thought that was the last we would see of him. Wrong! A few minutes later, he returned with a gasoline can in his hand, and he proceeded to put gas into my empty tank. He wouldn’t let us pay him, and I did not get his name, but I know he lives on Cedar Rock Road outside of Easley.

I just want to thank him for his help and let him know how very much we appreciate his act of kindness. May God bless you and yours, and my prayer is that when you need an angel God will provide one for you.

Again, thanks so much for your act of kindness.

Sonny and Georgia Harvey