Letters to the Editor 4-8-20

Get their heads out of the sand

Dear Editor,

I read the news article where the county’s entire election department and the election board resigned as a protest over the unfair treatment of the election director, Rodney Allen. This is what occurs when our elected leaders are all united and marching in lock-step: employees are treated unfairly, all our leaders look away and the only way for the employees to be heard is when they resign in protest.

The county councilmen need to get their heads out of the sand and stop bowing down to the powers that be. They have a responsibility to make sure all employees are treated justly.

“Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.” Colossians 4:1.

Elizabeth Ellenburg

Six Mile


Let’s all keep praying for our country

Dear Editor,

Regarding the coronavirus, at the time I write this, only 1,000 people have died in our country. From Oct. 1., 2019, to Feb. 1, 2020, between 12,000 and 30,000 people died from the flu. The flu is also a virus. This happens every year, and we keep going about our business. No quarantine or shelter in place, and our economy keeps thriving with low unemployment.

However, due to the coronavirus, our nation has lost 10 million jobs in just two weeks. Only 1 percent of the people who get the coronavirus actually die. The Congress just passed a $2 trillion spending bill, the largest in American history. How long can our country sustain the outlandish debt we have? As of September 2019, our country is $22.7 trillion in debt. This virus is a disaster with the rise in debt and record unemployment. The economic results of the virus are worse than the virus itself.

Why does the whole nation have to shut down when the majority of the cases are in New York City? 9/11 also happened in NYC. A messianic rabbi named Jonathan Cahn has written a book about why bad things are happening in NYC called “The Harbinger.” A harbinger is a warning. It’s because God is wanting to bring our nation back to Himself. I think this virus is another harbinger. There is no way I would live in NYC or California with all the bad things happening there.

I think the only reason our country has not had a really bad economic depression is because God is protecting us because of the millions of Christians praying for our country and because of the missionaries our county sends to the world. We all need to keep praying for our country, economically and spiritually.

Diane Finley


Give yourself some kudos

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, our Pickens County Council voted unanimously to take out the unconstitutional language in an ordinance they themselves passed unanimously back in 2017 to address state of emergency declarations.

Obviously they either didn’t understand the Constitution or they just went on the advice of their lawyers Ken Roper and now Les Hendricks to say it was a good ordinance. One would think lawyers would have advised them not to sign that ordinance back in 2017. One would think your elected employees would have recognized the unconstitutional language before signing.

This unconstitutional ordinance in place during the declaration of emergency needed fixing, and it absolutely took we the people to point this out to them. You see, you do have the power, if you use it!

Here was what they took out of the ordinance … that we the people had to point out to them.

“Suspend or limit the sale, dispensing or transportation of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives and combustibles or other hazardous materials.”

But let’s be clear, it took Conservatives of the Upstate along with Freedom Action Network to alert our members to pressure them to do so. So all of you who texted them or called them or emailed them to complain about that ordinance, give yourself kudos!

Johnnelle Raines

Conservatives of the Upstate Leadership Team