LHS’s Cinderella overcomes two deaths

LIBERTY — As Liberty High School pauses for a moment to catch its breath the day before Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella opens, thoughts turn to Pam Scott, the Liberty High English teacher who passed away last week.
“Pam was a devoted patron of the arts,” Jean Toole, co-director of the musical said over the weekend. “She had donated her riding crop and riding outfit to be used in one scene of the play. We have decided to continue to use the equipment in her memory.”
Scott, who passed away last Thursday night after an equestrian accident, was an avid horse lover.
“We are honored to have a little part of Pam with us in this production,” Toole said.
The cast and crew of Cinderella have lovingly decided to dedicate the show in Scott’s memory. And despite heavy hearts, and one hauntingly empty desk, the show must go on.
“Pam would have wanted it that way,” Toole said. “She knew what this show meant to these kids, and she would not want her passing to keep them from enjoying what they have worked so hard to accomplish.”
And hard work is almost an understatement, as the cast and crew have committed more than 130 hours to rehearsal and show preparation times.
“That’s not including the countless hours volunteers have spent mending or creating costumes, acquiring props, and building set,” co-director Kevin DeRossett said.
Since the high school has not been able to do a performance at this level before, the learning curve has been high.
“We’ve given voice lessons, acting lessons, and, despite some major set backs, dance lessons to get ready for this show,” DeRossett said.
Clif Greene, a local Southern Wesleyan student, and Liberty High School Colorguard captain, passed away in the fall. Greene, a father of three, was the intended choreographer for Cinderella, but after his passing high school dance student Kaylyn Gilstrap stepped in, with the help of the two directors.
“Somehow, despite the loss of two close friends, teachers, and mentors, these kids have come together and created something magical,” DeRossett said. “When I take a step back and look at what this group of students has accomplished in such a short amount of time, I am blown away by their talent, dedication, and optimism. This musical may truly be a Cinderella story after all.”
Tickets are available for pre-sale at the LHS office, and may be purchased at the door each night of the show. Tickets are $7 each. Show times are 7 p.m., April 26-28.