Local chiropractor asked to teach at Spartanburg college

PICKENS — Dr. Brian Dooley of Pickens has been asked to serve on the faculty of Sherman College of Chiropractic located in Spartanburg.

Dooley is a 2005 graduate of Sherman College and has been practicing in Pickens since.

“The opportunity to serve at the premier chiropractic college in the world, located here in South Carolina, is a wonderful dream come true,” Dooley said. “Sherman College has been producing top-notch chiropractors since 1973, and being on the faculty keeps me on the cutting edge of chiropractic. And I can deliver that to the patients of my own practice.”

Sherman College maintains the philosophy that correction of the vertebral subluxation enables the human body to better express health of the individual. By removing the vertebral subluxation, a person’s brain and body, through the nervous system, can better function in the world around them.

Dooley, who will continue to maintain his office at Pickens Family Chiropractic in Pickens, is married to his wife, Dawn, and has two children, Sara, 17, and Jackson, 9. He is a member of Faith Lutheran Chapel in Pickens and serves on the Synod Council of the South Carolina Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.