Lt. Governor’s Office on Aging awards Pickens seniors grant

PICKENS — The Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging has approved the Senior Citizens of Pickens, Inc. for a $100,000 grant from the Senior Center Permanent Improvement Program (PIP) for the renovation of their community center. After applying a required local match, the total grant amount is $125,000.
“Keeping seniors physically and mentally active is something that is very important to our office,” said Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell. “The cost of care is significantly reduced if seniors are able to remain independent through state-of-the-art centers that promote healthy habits, such as a balanced diet and exercise.”
“I applaud the Senior Center Board of Directors and all of the participants of the Pickens Senior Center for their tremendous efforts to keep this program in Pickens,” state Senator Larry Martin said. “Representative (Davey) Hiott and I are delighted to offer our strong support for this grant request to the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging. We truly appreciate Lt. Governor McConnell and his Office on Aging on the positive response for the continued improvements of this important community center.”
The Senior Center Permanent Improvement Program was established by the South Carolina Legislature in 1991. Since then, the program has funded necessary construction and renovation projects at senior centers throughout the state.
In 1997, the state’s aging office was tasked with the responsibility of developing a process to select and fund applications for senior center capital improvement projects, which created a competitive grant process for securing PIP funds. After a need-based application process is completed, site visits and evaluations are then made by the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging, which guarantees that the PIP funding is fairly distributed to all approved projects.
The PIP funds are provided to maintain a safe and comfortable setting where older South Carolinians can receive much needed services while interacting socially with other seniors and local citizens. It is the goal of the Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging to ensure the services and activities provided by senior centers will enhance the lives of the elderly and assist them in maintaining their independence as long as possible.
For more information on PIP grants, contact Gerry Dickinson at (803) 734-9900.