Man arrested after claiming home for ‘sovereign group’

GARNETTT RADCLIFF CAMPBELLSUNSET — A man claiming to be a part of a sovereign group was arrested and faces multiple charges after Pickens County sheriff’s deputies said he entered a home in Sunset claiming it was seized by the group.
The home, located on White Violet Way in Sunset, is currently in foreclosure and is owned by Regions Bank.
Deputies were called to the home April 24, where they met with a real estate agent in charge
of the property. When deputies arrived, they found a notice on the front door of the home saying it had been seized by a sovereign group. Officers said a deadbolt on the back door of the house had been drilled into, and entry had been made. The real estate agent told the deputies that he believed the door lock had been changed, and the lock box that held the keys to the home was missing. According to officers, pots, pans and cleaning supplies were found in the residence. The agent told police he had been notified by the FBI that the home was on a list of possible targets by the group.
Garnett Radcliff Campbell, 32, of 215 Kennedy Lane in Powdersville, was arrested in the case, charged with impersonating/asserting authority to intimidate or hinder an official by threat or harassment, trespassing and second-degree burglary.
According to arrest warrants, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office believes Campbell falsely asserted authority of law in an attempt to intimidate or hinder Sheriff C. David Stone in discharge of his duties by use of a sham legal process. Officers said on or about April 2 Campbell mailed the sheriff by certified mail false documentation saying he had seized the property on White Violet Way. The trespassing warrant alleged that the defendant entered the home around April 11 without legal excuse after having notice not to do so by way of locked windows and doors. The burglary charge came as deputies believe that Campbell entered the dwelling around April 11 with the intent to commit a crime.
After being taken to the Pickens County Detention Center, Campbell posted a $21,000 surety bond but was transported to Greenville County, where sheriff’s department officials said he faced bench warrants.