Man charged with scamming tenants out of rent money



EASLEY — A Greenville man was arrested after Pickens County sheriff’s deputies believe he potrayed himself as a representative for a property owner and scammed tenants out of rent money at a mobile home park in Easley.

Anthony Chetlergh Williams, 38, of 107 Dixie Drive in Greenville, was arrested Thursday and charged with seven counts of obtaining goods under false pretenses.

The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office initially received information from one of seven victims that detailed a scheme which had allegedly been ongoing since December.

Detectives were able to gather evidence they said indicated Williams had presented documents to the victims, leading them to believe they were signing legal lease agreements. Officers also believe Williams collected a $300 security deposit.

The sheriff’s office verified that Williams was not a representative for the property owner and never had permission to negotiate any lease or rental agreements with anyone on behalf of the property owner.

Several of the victims are still living in the mobile home park, located on Avalon Drive, until arrangements can be made to either relocate or negotiate some type of resolution with the property owner.

“It is an unfortunate situation for the families and the property owner that have been victimized by Mr. Williams,” Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark said. “I remain committed in my promise to the citizens of this county to use every resource at my disposal to bring justice to those who choose to prey on our communities.”

Williams was released on a $14,000 personal recognizance bond.