Martin says state learns from previous mistakes

EASLEY — Sen. Larry Martin said the investigation into Ron Wilson and Atlantic Coin and Bullion should benefit from lessons learned from the Carolina Investors case several years ago.
“We should benefit from our previous experience,” Martin said
Monday night at a meeting for investors who may have lost money in the alleged $71 million Ponzi scheme.
“In the Carolina Investors case, we put a lot of things in place,” Martin said. “None of that has to be re-plowed now.”
Martin felt confident that the Attorney General would be able to solve the case.
“The attorney general’s office has a very good track record of seeking justice and putting people in jail,” Martin said.
Martin said this case may inspire more state regulations to protect investors.
“What we’ve got to do is learn from our mistakes, and make sure we have a system in place that inhibits these kind of things,” Martin said. “We’ve got to protect the person who may be deceived.”
Martin said that while the Carolina Investors case took time, “Ultimately justice was served.”
“One of the things I heard during the Carolina Investors investigation was that nobody would pay the price. But they did.”