Mayor issues statement on Liberty Denim resurrection

LIBERTY — Liberty mayor Michael Sheriff issued a statement last week distancing the city from a Washington woman’s efforts to resurrect the Liberty Denim mill.

“As Mayor of the City of Liberty, I feel it necessary at this time to correct some erroneous verbal as well as printed information concerning the City of Liberty’s involvement with Liz Havlin and her project to resurrect the Liberty Denim Mill,” Sheriff said.

The mill shut down in December 2011, and Havlin, a Seattle resident, began efforts soon thereafter to save the building and restart operations.

Sheriff said neither he nor city council have ever met with Havlin or any potential investors about the project. The mayor also said Havlin has not obtained a business license from the city.

“The City of Liberty has no involvement whatsoever in Ms. Havlin’s plans or procedures to resurrect the Liberty Denim Mill, and we do not endorse, support, condemn nor condone her plans to resurrect the mill at this time,” Sheriff said. “The city would welcome any manufacturing operation that would create jobs and add to the economy of the city.”

Sheriff said any statements to the contrary are “untruths” and open for possible legal retaliation.