McKinney Chapel Christmas Pageant set for this Saturday

SUNSET — Remember the old-time Sunday School Christmas play, with a solemn Mary and Joseph and tearless Baby Jesus? Angels with feathery wings and toy trumpets that — oh WOE! — were once found to work, while the preacher prayed?

Wise Men in bathrobes, and a shepherd boy who was supposed to say, “Behold, yonder star in the east,” which instead came out “Oh Help!,” and the hunting beagles who ran into the church to join in the singing?

They’ll come to life again, with many other players, under the Christmas star over Lake Jocassee, as McKinney Chapel presents the timeless story, on Dec. 22 at 7 p.m. The harmonica player is coming, with other musicians. The lights will shine in welcome.

And, as always, everyone is invited. It’s free, a gift of community love, for all who come to the tiny, historic church near the west end of Cleo Chapman Highway near Lake Keowee, in Eastatoee Valley, northern Pickens County.

The program, an annual, much-celebrated event since 1981, will be directed by Georgia Chapman and Gail Edwards, and Dr. Jim Mahanes is narrator. Cast members are whoever happens to show up and is the slightest bit willing.
There are splendid costumes ready in just about every size, from toddler to tottery. Choir singers are always welcome. This is a country occasion, simply from the heart.

Whoever wishes is invited to bring Christmas refreshments to share afterward, under the church picnic shelter, beside the blazing fire-pit. Friendliness and fellowship are guaranteed.

Cleo Chapman Highway is about three miles north of Highway 11, at the end of Roy Jones Road. The church is inside the gate of the Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards, but all traffic to McKinney Chapel is admitted.

For more information call Georgia Chapman at (864) 868-2555, or e-mail