MCPC social outreach grant set to benefit Helping Hands

COUNTY — The newly formed Manufacturers Caring for Pickens County (MCPC) Forum has announced the third in a series of social outreach grants to local charities and community service organizations.

The $1,000 grant has been awarded to Helping Hands of Clemson. The organization has demonstrated outstanding community efforts to benefit the residents of Pickens County.

“We have worked with Helping Hands for years, and the work they do for children is life-changing,” said Cornell Dubilier president Jim Kaplan, a MCPC board member.

According to its website, MCPC’s goal is “to reach out to our Pickens County community, to enhance, develop, and enrich our socioeconomic values and conditions to higher levels.”

MCPC recently worked with the School District of Pickens County to update guidance counselors on current job skills needed and is in the process of giving guidance counselors and student tours of its facilities.