Miller, Ohlrogge earn top district honors

COUNTY — The School District of Pickens County announced its 2014-15 teacher and support employee of the year at last week’s back-to-school celebration.

8-20 Page 1A.inddNikki Miller, a reading coach at Pickens Elementary School received teacher of the8-20 Page 1A.indd year honors and received a $500 cash prize, while Gettys Middle School ISS instructor Jennifer Ohlrogge earned a $250 prize as the district’s support employee of the year.

According to Pickens Elementary principal Allen Fain, Miller “realizes that her mission is to make an impact on all students, and not just the ones she teaches.”

“It’s her goal to help other teachers develop their craft, and many times throughout the year other teachers have requested to visit her in order to learn something new,” Fain said.

In a recommendation for Ohlrogge, Gettys assistant principal Pat Snider wrote that “her selection as our employee of the year was not by accident, but instead an overwhelming affirmation by the staff as a whole.

“As a cancer survivor with a zest for life, Jennifer is one of the most positive people I have ever known,” Snider said.