More traffic troubles ahead for Easley?

Raise your hand if you think it’s a good idea to put an additional 1,000 cars on the roads in Easley during rush hour.

… I don’t see many hands.

Sorry, but that’s what’s going to happen.

More than 1,000 new homes are either under construction or are expected to begin construction within the next year in Easley. The city has approved 10 new subdivisions, ranging in size from 10 to 110 lots, totaling 867 units. Another 192 homes are expected to get the green light to begin construction within the next year.

Now, I know that “growth” is a golden word among city officials and business boosters in any small town, and it’s good to know that a lot of people are coming to see that this is a great place to live. Welcome to Easley.

But I’m concerned about how we’re going to deal with all the extra traffic, particularly on U.S. Highway 123, which already has as many cars and trucks rumbling down it every day as

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