Mountain Grove Baptist to host 93rd Lewis reunion

PICKENS — Ninety years ago, in 1924, while a birthday party was being planned for Robert “Robin” Stewart Lewis, a wonderful idea happened.

“Let’s just make it an entire Lewis family celebration and invite all the kin,” someone suggested.

They did, and that was the beginning of the James E. and Mary Stewart Lewis Family reunion, which remains to this day.

It is an event that happens once a year, where the Lewis clan gathers to share stories, swap memories, and just enjoy being blessed to be together once again. 

The group also takes great pleasure in a delicious mid-day meal prepared by the renowned Lewis family cooks. So if you’re a mind to, and kin, bring a favorite dish, pictures of your children and a story to share.

The reunion will take place on Sunday, August 10, at the Mountain Grove Baptist Church in Pickens at 12:15 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall.