MountainView OB-GYN named a centering site

EASLEY — MountainView OB-GYN, a physician practice of Baptist Easley, has been officially certified as a centering pregnancy site.

According to the Centering Healthcare Institute (CHI), “CHI follows a site approval process that helps to assure that a site has implemented all 13 essential elements. Sites that have gone through the approval process and met the criteria have been designated as an approved centering site. Centering sites receive the approval with pride and a sense of accomplishment for adopting and maintaining a high quality approach to health care delivery.”

Centering pregnancy is an innovative approach to prenatal care. In this unique model of care, women are empowered to make their own healthy behavior choices. CHI’s mission is to improve maternal health by transforming care through centering groups. The program was made possible by an initial grant from the Duke Endowment through the Baptist Easley Foundation.

Spread out over 10 sessions, an expectant mother will go through the course with a group of women who have due dates close to hers. Group members are able to discuss questions, share concerns, and find solutions in a friendly group setting. Meetings are monthly initially and then change to every two weeks as the due date approaches. There is also private time with a physician for individual care. Expectant mothers learn how to take their own blood pressure, fill in their own charts, and enjoy the support of others, all without ever having to sit alone in a room waiting on an appointment.

MountainView OB-GYN is located at 1351 Crestview Road in Easley. For more information about the centering program, visit or call MountainView OB-GYN at 855-5006.