Mounted Ministries offers horseback riding with a higher purpose

Mounted Ministries is a nonprofit 501(c)3 religious horseback riding organization in Pickens. The group offers “Christ-Centered Riding” using horses rescued from neglect or that were unwanted/donated.

Founder Cathy Childers is also a horse trainer and riding instructor who refers to her rescued horses as “The Redeemed.”

“After the horses are rehabilitated and retrained, some are made available to loving forever homes through an adoption process,” Childers said.

Others, she said, are used for ministry purposes as she teaches children, youth and adults more than just how to ride. She uses the horse’s behavior to illustrate biblical principals on a variety of topics, but her favorite topic is redemption.

“Redemption isn’t free,” Childers said. “It costs on average of $150 a month to properly care for just one horse; this includes bi-annual immunization, regular hoof treatments, feeding and boarding costs.”

The ministry has been involved in dozens of rescues and is currently caring for 10 horses, plus a miniature. As with any not-for-profit, Mounted Ministries operates on donations and fundraisers.

In addition, the group offers a unique way of sharing His message by offering summer horse camps. During Hallelujah Horse Camp, the kids learn how to care for and ride one of the redeemed. But Childers emphasizes the most important message she wants children to learn is, “Jesus knows all about the price of redemption, he paid the ultimate price with His life.” And Childers gives hers to help others through interactions with these horses.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Mounted Ministries, there are ways you can help without giving money. Those interested are invited to become a volunteer at the seventh annual Hallelujah Horse Camp, entitled “Running on Faith,” being held this summer. A three-hour volunteer training will be offered in May. If interested, call (864) 752-5142 for more information.