New state guidelines could affect schools’ fundraisers, canteens

PICKENS — School officials are anxiously awaiting word from state officials on the effect new nutritional guidelines will have on canteen sales at high schools.

An Aug. 4 memo received from the state board of education limits the amount of junk food that can be sold, either as a fundraiser or as a canteen item. The memo promised more details later.

District spokesman John Eby said at this point officials don’t know exactly what that means.

“We don’t think it will help,” Eby said.

Eby looks for the next memo to include exceptions.

“Exactly what that means for us remains to be seen,” Eby said.

Eby looks to have the food service staff take over the canteens at the high schools, as the new regulations are likely to be “too specific and too complicated” to just use student volunteers and other staff.

At the elementary and middle schools, the new regulations deal with food items used as fundraisers, such as World’s Finest chocolate bars and doughnuts.

Eby said certain products may be allowed, so it’s too early to accurately estimate any financial losses.

Eby looks for high schools to lose thousands of dollars.

“But you never know,” Eby said. “Kids may love the healthier stuff and buy lots of it.”