New Year’s resolutions

Life As I Know
By Nicole Daughheteeit

I didn’t really make New Year’s resolutions, which is to say I didn’t compile a list — “To Do” style — that I will be checking off with each passing month.

I do however have a list in my head — ideas I have mulled over, certain changes I have pondered, enrichments I can add to life, as I know it, to ease stress or simply make myself and those around me happier.

The most profound change in my life happened about six months ago. After years of searching, my mom and I finally found a church to call home. More importantly than having a church to attend, I have focused time on rebuilding my relationship with God. The simple acts of prayer and letting go have blessed my life in ways beyond what I ever imagined possible.

My hope in the New Year is that my personal relationship with God will continue to grow and deepen as I continue to devote my time and energy to making that happen.

For the first time in a long time, forever it seems, I am not consumed with my bathroom scale or, more accurately, the number that shows up when I stand on it. Could I stand to lose a few pounds? Probably.

But my real focus, at this point in my life, is on making healthier choices — eating more fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed foods that come in a box. Satisfying my sweet tooth with yogurt or a hard candy instead of thick slices of raw cookie dough.

Patience — acquiring more, practicing it more often, and modeling it for my daughters — remains a consistent process on which I work daily.
Writing might be an odd choice for my list, but it is my belief that practice makes perfect or the longer you don’t quit, the better you get. I love writing. Written words define my profession, livelihood and preferred method of communication. Most of you know that one of my dreams is to be a published writer — in book form — and I will continue to pursue this goal until I can count it among my achievements.

In no particular order, I would also like to exercise more; make time for a weekly craft night with my girlfriends (and maybe find a way to get paid for the hobbies I enjoy); learn to quilt; find more ways to operate my household in a “green” fashion; clip and use coupons to save money where I can; laugh more and stress less; be a better mother and daughter.

Life is certainly an adventure and an opportunity to learn and grow. With each passing day I feel more and more sure of myself, I am more aware of my blessings and I see so many possibilities for the future.
I hope all of my readers had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration, and I wish you all peace, health and happiness in 2013. Make the most of each and every day and try to be kinder to yourself and those around you.

May you discover a blessing in every day.