No complaints for a change

For a change, let’s have this week’s column with no complaints.

My car is running again, thanks to the efforts of my father. For a couple of weeks, I had to run my route with my great-nephew Nicholas, who could not understand why I insisted on going into the stores, when he thought I should 6-25 Page 4A.inddjust ride by the stores and throw the papers out.

Explaining accounting to a 5-year-old is difficult.

But my car is running again, and I can only hope I live long enough to pay for it. I have made one payment already, and by the time you read this I should have made another. Only 40 or so more to go.

Then I have my problem with taxes to straighten out. The government is claiming I took too much money with my “retirement” fund when I used to work for that other newspaper. They kind of decided my “retirement” would come much earlier than I had anticipated.

According to the government, I got an extra $10,000 or so. When you are suddenly unemployed after 25 years or so, you are not good with details.

Either way, the government is next in my list of folks to pay back.

They’re not going anywhere, so I’m sure I can find them when I have the money.

After that I want to use my money for selfish things. I plan to go on a mission trip to Kentucky next year, even I have to go by myself. I love those kids up there, and as has been my experience on the trip for 20 years, I know that whatever new kids I meet on my next trip will also earn a spot in my heart.

I probably need to work on developing that special relationship that I am supposed to have.

I really don’t want my tombstone to read, “Here lies Ben Robinson. Most people never cared for him. Others are glad he is gone.”