Not every problem has a simple solution

It’s come to my attention that over the past few years there are a number of perfectly good gardening gloves in the basket where I keep things loosely organized for yard work.

They are usually in a loose pile stuffed in with the trowel and clippers, ant poison and miracle grow.

This spring I decided to dump everything out onto the porch floor and go through the pile to see what could still be useful and what should go. That’s when I discovered that yes, there are a lot of gardening gloves in the basket. But most of them are for the left hand only. There are only two pairs of gloves that have both left and right hand capability.

So why are there six left hand gloves with no mates?.

The right hand gloves have to be thrown away when all the fingers have holes in them and the seams come apart.

Logically, I should throw away all the mateless gloves.

But something just won’t let me do it. It probably has something to do with the line of McBride ancestors who believed nothing should be thrown out, as

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