Not in fear, just thinking rationally

No fear.

It’s not just a brand of clothing or a statement of bravado.

It’s the normal way to live.

There are so many things we could be afraid of — being in a car crash, living to see a nuclear apocalypse, getting smashed by a meteor or coming down with one of a thousand different diseases — such as COVID-19.

The likelihood of most of these things happening within the next 24 hours is reasonably low — except for the latter.

Now, I’m just like everybody else: I’d prefer to not worry about COVID.

And I don’t.

I ain’t afraid of it.

So if you see me wearing a mask, it’s not because I’m scared.

It’s because I love my wife.

I’m thinking about putting a sign on my KN95 that says that.

Most people pretty much ignore me when they see me, the only person in the

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