Nothing is impossible

Nicole Guttermuth

Nicole Guttermuth

A New Day

By Nicole Gittermuth

You know how when you are first falling in love with someone, little else seems to matter?

You go through each day and make certain you attend to your responsibilities, but your head feels a bit like a helium balloon that might set aloft at any moment.

You attempt to focus on something, anything, but your mind becomes so easily distracted by the recollection of a piece of conversation or the remembrance of feeling your fingers interlaced with another’s as you strolled through the park surrounded by a dusky twilight.

You realize that hours have passed since you’ve eaten, but the normal pangs of hunger, signifying an empty belly, are muted by the fullness of warmth flooding and overflowing your heart.

For the last week I have been walking around in the most amazing fog of hope and possibility: I am falling over-the-moon in love, and it is a fantastic feeling.

Yes, I am a hopelessly hopeful romantic. I am also sticky-wet-paint recently divorced. I completely understand the raised eyebrows my words could be raising with each sweep of your eyes. Rest assured, I too, have (and do) consider these things as well.

These, however, are my thoughts on the matter: without risk, there can be no reward. I have prayed to God asking that He put not the perfect man, but the perfect man for me and my girls, into our lives.

Because I believe in the power of prayer, because I have complete faith that God has a divine plan for my life and wants to shower me with His blessings, how can I doubt that the Lord, in His infinite goodness and wisdom, has provided me with the kind of love I’ve always dreamed of having but never allowed God to provide because I was too busy trying to control every aspect of my life instead of surrendering to His will?

I’ve had my heart broken more times than I care to count, and in the majority of those cases, I would have to say with all honesty, not that it was my fault, but that I didn’t allow God to lead me in my decision-making process. I was impatient. I wanted what I wanted when I wanted it. I thought I knew better than Him what I needed in my life.

For well over the last year, I’ve learned that when I “let go and let God” the most amazing things have happened in my life. Getting over hurdles hasn’t always been easy, but He has held my hand every step of the way, leading me gracefully over and through each obstacle.

I find myself sitting here, overwhelmed and awe-struck, by the power of prayer and the One to whom I pray. For me to say it is impossible that I could be falling in love for the last time in my life would essentially be like me saying I pray to God, but I’m doubtful He can deliver that for which I’ve asked.

One of the many beautiful aspects of faith is that with God, nothing is impossible.