Notice to Creditors 9-13-17

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All persons having claims against the following estates MUST file their claims on Form #371ES with the Probate Court of PICKENS COUNTY, the address of which is 222 MCDANIEL AVE., B-16 PICKENS, SC 29671, within eight (8) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors or within one (1) year from date of death, whichever is earlier (SCPC 62-3-801, et seq.), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements on the prescribed form (FORM #371ES) indicating the name and address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed, the date when the claim will become due, the nature of any uncertainty as to the claim, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Willie Ann Chiles Martin

Date of Death: 07/24/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900547

Personal Representative:

Patrice Martin Perkins

Address: 105 Springhill Drive

Simpsonville, SC 29681

Attorney: S. Allan Hill

Address: 819 East North Street

Greenville, SC 29601

Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: Karen Margaret Barr

Date of Death: 07/16/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900522

Personal Representative: Tammy Barber

Address: 410 Hudson Road

Greenville, SC 29615

Attorney: Rick Barbare

Address: 10 Montgomery Street

Greenville, SC 29609

Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: John Holland Sheppard

Date of Death: 07/27/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900541

Personal Representative:

Dorothy M. Sheppard

Address: 2960 Dacusville Hwy

Easley, SC 29640

Attorney: Steven L. Alexander

Address: PO Box 618

Pickens, SC 29671

Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: Thomas Earl Evans

Date of Death: 03/14/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900562

Personal Representative: Ruby A. Evans

Address: 130 Booger Branch Rd.

Six Mile, SC 29682

Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Brenda Jones Trotter

Date of Death: 08/21/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900552

Personal Representative:

Russell Chadwick Trotter

Address: 406 Henderson Street

Pickens, SC 29671

Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Sara Frances Emerich

Date of Death: 07/24/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900495

Personal Representative:

Nancy Elaine Patterson

Address: 60 Crystal Lake Court

Iva, SC 29655

Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Susie Jesnut Lail

Date of Death: 06/28/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900561

Personal Representative:

Melissa Dalton

Address: 1660 Mile Creek Rd

Six Mile, SC 29682

Attorney: James E. Sterling

Address: Post Office Box 1207

Easley, SC 29641 Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Marty Dale Whitmire

Date of Death: 04/11/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900466

Personal Representative:

Brandon Dale Whitmire

Address: 210 Sunset Drive

Pickens, SC 29671

Attorney: M. Ed McLaurin

Address: 10 Commons Blvd.

Seneca, SC 29678

Co-Personal Representative:

Angela Denise Whitmire

186 Stancil Rd.

Liberty, SC 29657

Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Millicent Brandt Bigham Owens

Date of Death: 07/29/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900526

Personal Representative:

Tony L. Bigham

Address: 227 Odell Rd.

LIberty, SC 29657

Sept. 6, 13, 20

Estate: Nancy Thomas Allsep

Date of Death: 10/05/2016

Case Number: 2017ES3900580

Personal Representative: Keith Allsep

Address: 3217 Glen Lane

Round Rock, TX 78681

Attorney: R. Murray Hughes

Address: PO Box 9

Pickens, SC 29671

Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Edwin Armistead Freeman

Date of Death: 08/07/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900530

Personal Representative:

Mina Starr Freeman Hinson

Address: 530 Lady Street Unit 303

Columbia, SC 29201

Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Gary Lee Justice

Date of Death: 08/05/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900568

Personal Representative:

Carolyn Ann Justice

Address: 111 Springdale Lane

Easley, SC 29642

Attorney: Matthew Quattlebaum

Address: PO Box 887

Easley, SC 29641

Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Manley Gibson Bright

Date of Death: 08/12/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900582

Personal Representative:

Anne Marie Parrott

Address: 106 Oak Haven

Pickens, SC 29671

Attorney: James C. Alexander

Address: PO Box 618

Pickens, SC 29671

Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Paul David Durham

Date of Death: 08/11/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900575

Personal Representative:

Paul Michael Durham

Address: 156 Yvonne Drive

Six Mile, SC 29682

Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Michael Steven Trammell

Date of Death: 05/24/2017

Case Number: 2017ES3900387

Personal Representative:

Linda P. Trammell

Address: 137 Grandview Drive

Easley, SC 29640

Sept. 13, 20, 27